Our own equator)

It’s hard to imagine but today is the day when our project is past its half, we’ve got six days left, and it’s sad!! It is too early to discuss the results, still we’ve already got something to boast of ;) Today in the morning the first and the second groups felt the most nostalgic, because they truly miss their crew leaders who have already gone home. Having spent together six uneasy but fascinating days, the guys have really become very much attached to each other. In the meantime, the interpreters in all the groups confessed that they now find their job several times easier because all the volunteers got to like each other so much and, as they say, “undersatnd each other without saying anything” (if the trend continues, the interpreters will reach new frontiers and start practicing telepathy ;) )). Right now the lunchtime is coming, but no one feels like finishing the job – when you see the tangible results, you don’t want to stop. Thus, the fourth group is marking the trail to Khakussy, looking forward to swimming in hot springs situated there :) and the other groups are working to their utmost, thinking that tomorrow they we’ll all become one camp.

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