Before Meeting

we are almost together – our groups will meet tomorrow
Here is what happened today:
Groups 1 and 2 were working hard clearing the trail corridor, they have only 1,8 km left to Ayaya Bay. Work was conducted till 7 pm, the group was so enthusiastic that they had almost missed dinner :) . A real Baikal feast was waiting for them at the camp: fish (omul) on sticks was prepared.
Group 3 is very keen on their bridge. the group was divided in two: ones were occupied with the bridge preparing materials for it and others were clearing the scouted portion of the trail to Frolikha Lake (250 meters). They had to work surrounded by mosquitoes who were very hungry to try German and Russian blood. Mosquito nets ‘d be of the great help! these heroes had even excavated 16 of the trail. Bears are scared of this group because all bear signs of evidence are at least a week old.
Group 4 was busy marking the trail with painting all the way to “Khakusy” resort. They celebrated such important event by swimming in the hot springs on the sunny day.
Tomorrow the groups will have a challenging day mowing to Ayaya bay where Group 3 will be waiting for them. And right now all are enjoying the stars on the sky, chats by the fire and some even “Amritta” (Buryat alcohol balm on steppe herbs)

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