The day we have all been waiting for)

It has finally happened – all the group have united in one team and feel almost almighty :) The guys can’t think of a moment they felt equally happy – maybe when they saw Baikal, but except for the joy to see the most beautiful lake, nothing measures up to the beauty of the moment.
All the groups today had a hike to the lake Frolikha, which amazed them by the fact that despite it’s often dwarfed by its grand neighbour – Baikal itself – the lake is still absolutely charming and the scenery is brilliant.
Coming back to work – the guys continue building the bridge – it’s going to be a grandiose construction. All the groups now have a clear plan – they move in the direction of their former camps from the Ayaya bay, building and improving the trail.
And there’s definitely something nostalgic in the air – moving to the finishing belt shows.

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