Day full of surprises

The second and the fourth group have finished marking their parts of the trail today, which means that the work on the trail from the Upper Angara to Khakussy is completed. Now the guys are working on the part of the trail going to Frolikha. This is quite a big part and the groups feel worried that they might fail to finish the whole thing. Meanwhile, the building of the bridge is happening as well at the same time with building the trail divided by the groups in different sections. One more surprise for today was the catamaran that sunk. Fortunately, the crash of this local Titanic hasn’t caused any troubles except for the necessity to fix it. The groups haven’t decided yet who is going to do that, they are presumably drawing lots aaaallll night :) )) Tomorrow all the four groups will have a very tense day, because it is the last day they will spend working on the trail full time, and the eleventh of July is the day all the volunteers depart from the place of the project. Despite the fact that everyone seems to be preoccupied with the thoughts of the work to be done, they can’t but admire the sunset today, it is just incredible. The last days make the guys feel the magic of this beautiful place even more keenly.

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