A hard day’s night ;)

It was not until the evening when our volunteers could breathe a sigh of relief – they haven’t worked at such a pace during any of the previous days. The didn’t even stop to send a message to our twitter. And – voila! – the whole trail along the coastline – from the Upper Angara to Khakyssy – is absolutely ready for exploitation as well as the bridge which has already managed to become famous. The guys cannot believe they have done such a giant job. The only thing still left to do is 700 metres of the trail to Frolikha, and a lot of volunteers feel sorry that they have to leave tomorrow without finishing such a small part of the trail. But we can definitely comfort them – the things they’ve already done are just impressive! Tomorrow the whole group is leaving for Severobaikalsk, which is why today’s evening is special. Firstly, it is a kind of a farewell party, exciting and sad at the same time. Secondly, it is the last chance this summer for our German friends to enjoy the dishes of Russian field kitchen (something tells us that a lot of guys must be fed up with it and don’t really mind drinking good beer and eating nice sausage :) ))), but porridge absolutely has its advantages). And finally, it is a romantic evening with sitting around the campfire, talking, singing songs, playing the guitar, telling stories, laughing and reminiscing what was happening during last ten days. The moment to say real goodbyes and discuss real results hasn’t come yet, and now we’re going to set the fire :)

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