No goodbyes :)

The last day together is over, and this day was long and fascinating. The guys didn’t miss their chance to have a bath in the hot springs of Khakussy, then they went to Nizhneangarsk and Severobaikalsk. Tomorrow the participants of the project will be in Irkutsk where they will part for some time. But the guys don’t feel too much sad due to several reasons. Firstly, it was one of the kind, and the very first project, absolutely unique, which means we can expect further developing of the project. Secondly, there are still 700 metres of the trail to complete, and a lot of our volunteers would be happy to come back once more and do it. The crewleaders of the group will have a discussion of the project with the GBT coordinators in Irkutsk, they will also provide a detailed accout of the job done. And we do hope to have a chance to hear the opinions of the volunteers themselves :)

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